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Teradata 14 Certification Details

The Teradata 14 Certification is the most current release of Teradata Certification exams offered globally through authorized Prometric Testing Centers.
Teradata 14 Certification Details
Teradata 14 Basics exam
1 hr 30 min
Teradata 14 SQL exam
1 hr 45 min
Teradata 14 Physical Design and Implementation
2 hrs
Teradata 14 Bridge from Teradata 12*
2 hrs 30 min
Teradata 14 Database Administration exam
2 hrs 15 min
Teradata 14 Solutions Development exam
2 hrs
Teradata 14 Enterprise Architecture exam
1 hr 45 min
Teradata 14 Comprehensive Mastery exam**
3 hrs 20 min

NEW! *Teradata 14 Bridge Exam This exam is designed to transition or “bridge” qualifying candidates from the Teradata 12 Certification track to the Teradata 14 Certification track. This eligibility based exam is available only to candidates that have achieved any of the following Teradata 12 Certifications: Certified Technical Specialist, Database Administrator, Solutions Developer or Enterprise Architect. The Teradata 14 Bridge exam replaces the need to retake the core Teradata Certification exams: Basics (TE0-141), SQL (TE0-142), and Physical Design and Implementation (TE0-143) once you have achieved the prerequisite Teradata 12 Certification(s).

Teradata 12 Certification Details

PLEASE NOTE: The following Teradata 12 Certification Exams (TE0-121 through TE0-126*) will remain in market through September 30, 2014. After that time, the exams will be discontinued but the certifications will continue to be supported. If you are new to the TCPP program, we strongly encourage you to begin with the Teradata 14 Basics exam on the Teradata 14 Certification Track.

The Teradata 12 Qualifying Exam for V2R5 Masters (TE0-12Q*) and the Teradata 12 Comprehensive Mastery Exam (TE0-127*) will remain in market until Q1 2015.
Teradata 12 Basics exam
2 hrs
Teradata 12 SQL exam
2 hrs 15 min
Teradata 12 Physical Design and Implementation
2 hrs
Teradata 12 Database Administration exam
2 hrs 15 min
Teradata 12 Solutions Development exam
3 hrs
Teradata 12 Enterprise Architecture exam
2 hrs 45 min
Teradata 12 Comprehensive Mastery exam*
3 hrs 30 min
Teradata 12 Qualifying Exam for V2R5 Masters*
2 hrs 45 min

How to schedule exams at Prometric:
Schedule appointments on-line: Your correct and valid e-mail address will be required each time you schedule an exam. To begin registration, go to:
Or contact a Prometric Regional Registration Center by telephone:
Candidates in the USA & Canada may call Toll Free: 1-877-887-6868
Candidates in all other countries, go to and choose “contact numbers” on the left navigation bar

* In India only- NIIT testing sites do not accept discount/promotional codes directly at the site. If you plan to register onsite, please visit the Prometric website and choose “Locate a Test Center” to find an alternative testing center.

Additional Information about your Prometric Registration:

Exam Cost: Teradata exam fees will vary based on the exam taken and your location. Exam fees will display after you choose your exam title during the on-line registration process. You may pay Prometric with a credit card or exam voucher.

Testing ID: Prometric assigns a unique alpha-numeric Testing ID to you during your first exam registration. Use the same Prometric testing ID each time you register for a Teradata exam. Your correct and valid e-mail address will be required each time you schedule an exam.

Official Name: Ensure that your entire first and last name is spelled correctly as it appears on your official Government-issued photo ID.

Cancellation: Prometric’s 24-hour cancellation and no-show policies will be in effect for exam appointments.

Re-Take Policy: Re-take violations are considered Security violations.  To avoid re-take violations, please refer to the re-take policy prior to re-scheduling a failed exam.

Exam Completion and Results: Upon completing a Teradata exam at a Prometric Testing Center, Prometric will provide a printed hard copy “Notice of Exam Completion”. Keep this document for information you will need to retrieve your “Notice of Exam Results”


  1. Hey Admin, Thanks for the information, it was really useful. Any clue on, what are the new topics that are added for Teradata 14 basic exam, when compared to v12.

    1. Hi Narasimha, Thanks for feedback.. below link having complete list of certification Topics for all TD14.

  2. Hi, any practice questions for the TEO 141.

    1. Hi Ran,, Thanks for Visiting.. We are working on it. You can follow this site via facebook/twitter/gplus/linkedin for more updates.

  3. Hi Admin,Could you please send me practice question or Dumps for this exam

  4. Hi if possible please share practice question dump and what is the price for the certification