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Software Components

A Teradata Database node requires three distinct softwares.

Trusted Parallel Application (TPA) uses PDE to implement virtual processors (vprocs). The Teradata Database is classified as a TPA. The four components of the Teradata Database TPA are:

TeradataWiki-Teradata Trusted Parallel Application
AMP (Top Right)
PE (Bottom Right)
Channel Driver (Top Left)
Teradata Gateway (Bottom Left)

Parallel Database Extensions (PDE) 
The Parallel Database Extensions (PDE) software layer was added to the operating system to support the parallel software environment. The PDE controls the virtual processor (vproc) resources.

TeradataWiki-Teradata Parallel Database Extensions

OS:The Teradata Database can run on the following operating systems:

TeradataWiki-Teradata  OS
Microsoft Windows 2000
SuSE Linux
Note:Some customers may still be running on MP-RAS UNIX, but it is no longer supported beyond Teradata 13.

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