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Introduction to Teradata

About Teradata
What is the Teradata Database?

Teradata is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that is:
Teradata is an open system, running on a UNIX MP-RAS or Windows server platform.
Teradata is capable of supporting many concurrent users from various client platforms.
Teradata is compatible with industry standards (ANSI compliant).
Teradata is completely built on a parallel architecture.

Why Teradata?

There have plenty of reasons why customers like to choose Teradata .
  • Teradata supports more larger warehouse data than all competitors combined. 
  • Teradata Database can scale from 100 gigabytes to over 100+ petabytes of data on a single system without losing any performance .This is called Scalability.
  • Provides a parallel-aware Optimizer that makes query tuning unnecessary to get a query to run.
  • Automatic and even data distribution eliminates complex indexing schemes or time-consuming reorganizations .
  • Teradata Database can handle the most concurrent users, who are often running multiple, complex queries. 
  • Designed and built with parallelism.
  • Supports ad-hoc queries using SQL
  • Single point of control for the DBA (Teradata Manager).
  • Unconditional parallelism (parallel architecture)
  • Teradata provides the lowest total cost (TCO) of ownership
  • High availability of data because there is no single point of failure - fault tolerance is built-in to the system. 

Teradata Database can be used as 
  • Enterprise data warehousing 
  • Active data warehousing 
  • Customer relationship management 
  • Internet and E­Business
  • Data marts


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